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Family portraits, pet portraits, landscapes, and tattoo design
My name's Mike and I live just South of Nashville, Tennessee. I am the original 'starving artist', but everyone that comes into contact with me seems to think I have talent so because of that I have stuck with it through thick and thin (but also because I really enjoy doing it).
You will notice that virtually everything you see here is done in pencil - Why? I just prefer it, above and beyond any other kind of medium.
So please come on in and have a look around, drop me a line, or just tell your friends about me. Whatever the case, I just want to thank you for stopping by.
Hopefully soon I will be able to begin to sell pieces directly from here.
Please note that due to current limitations, some images appear here in far less quality than the originals. I apologize for this, and I am trying to fix this problem.

Wolf Stage 1

From the beginning...

Wolf Stage 2

...all the way...

Wolf Stage 3
wolf3.jpg the end...

Wolf Stage 4
wolf4.jpg will see the care and attention....

Wolf Stage 5
wolf5.jpg all that I do

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Please note that the above Wolf piece is not for sale

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All work done here is my own, and may not be re-produced in any way for commercial purposes.
If you wish to contact me about my work, please use the email available at the top of the front page.
Thank you.