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The brave men and women of the armed forces, put their lives on the line every day, so that this great country can remain free - just remember that the next time you're stuck in traffic and wishing you were somewhere else; if it wasn't for them, who knows where you might be...

Lest We Forget

This piece is NOT for sale.
Although I still don't know what to do with it.

Comfort The Hero
This piece was modified from a famous photograph taken during the Korean War.

On the original (and bigger - scanner's fault again) piece, I made the left side much darker than the right. So that you can see the Angel shielding the soldier from the darkness and opening his left wing to let the light in from the right.

Missing You
Another famous war-time photograph, except when I created this piece I included the US flag.

This piece is also a little bigger, but again, my scanner couldn't pick it all up.






All work done here is my own, and may not be re-produced in any way for commercial purposes.
If you wish to contact me about my work, please use the email available at the top of the front page.
Thank you.